Cardio is needed in every workout, in some form. Even if you are a body builder and all you care about is throwing around as much weight as possible, you need cardio. It exercises the heart muscle that keeps you alive, helps your lungs work efficiently, and burns lots of calories. Check out the 4  biggest cardio mistakes that you can make.

1. Intense Cardio On An Empty Stomach

I have friends that wake up right away and the first thing they do is lace up their shoes and go for a bout of cardio exercise. The problem with doing this is that you’re body is going to be forced to use more protein as an energy source. Ya, that means your muscles are going to be broken down to supply enough protein for your body to function during your cardio session.

If you are going to do cardio on an empty stomach make sure it is a moderate intensity at most. Even then you will still be burning proteins for energy. At the very least you should have a bight of a granola bar or an amino acid supplement.