3 Lying cable curl to standing cable curl

The lying cable curl has been a favorite of mine for years, from the Hardcore Trainer on through the Muscle-Building Trainer. It looks weird to some people, but the execution is simple enough. You’re lying on the floor, straddling the bars on the cable posts so that the cable runs directly along your midline. Because you’re lying, it’s difficult to use body English to help move the weight, so your form is really strict.


I usually reach failure at about 10-12 reps, then use rest-pause to get to 15. From that position, I stand up and do cable curls, employing a little more body swing to do another 15 reps.

Incorporating Change into My Arm Routine

Within this workout, I’ll change up some exercises now and then. With preachers, one week I may do it on a machine, and another time with free weights like the EZ-bar. I’ll make subtle changes like that. Occasionally, like once every 5-6 weeks, I’ll switch up and perform certain movements with a reverse or hammer grip.

Though my routine isn’t written in stone, I don’t like to make random changes just for the sake of variety. Try out new things and see how they make you feel. But when you make changes, follow them for at least three months to see if they work. When you make wholesale changes to your training frequently, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what’s working. You’ll never know for sure, because you kept swapping things around all the time.

As I’ve said many times, I know it’s working because of how I look and how it feels. I don’t measure any body parts; I know mainly by looking in the mirror, and I often know by how intense the mind-muscle connection is during training.

If I ain’t feeling it, it’s not working. Words to live by.