For Kris Gethin, the real work starts when the pain begins. Here’s how the master of high-volume training attacks his arms!

You may think you know all there is to know about training arms with supersets. Trust me, you don’t. I don’t either, which is why last year, I saw the need to bring my arms up. I felt the same way about my delts.

The way I attacked my biceps is similar to how to how I tackled with my delts, and it proved similarly effective. First of all, I trained them every five days—effectively twice a week—rather than weekly. I also bumped up my calories to support muscle growth, and prioritized supplements that boost growth and strength gains.


Of course, I also changed up my routines, putting an emphasis on extending sets, deepening the fatigue, and maximizing the pump. With me, you should know by now, there’s always plenty of volume. More volume equals better blood flow, a better pump, and better muscle gain. It’s that simple.

Put another way, this is going to hurt. But you need it, so be a big boy and get it done.