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Protect Your Back With This Daily Routine


Your glutes, core, and lower back called. They’re tired of getting the short end of the stick! Give them 5 minutes of love each day with this routine, and you’ll never regret it.

As lifters, we’ll do just about anything to keep getting stronger, packing on more muscle, and progressing toward our goals in and out of the gym. But let’s be real: Most of us are dealing with the same chronic daily sedentary positions as the rest of the Western population, and as much as we might like it to, the gym doesn’t “heal” the chair.

On the contrary, the time you’re spending sitting throughout the day is most likely negatively impacting both the quality of your training and your orthopedic health. And every once in a while, those two come crashing together in the form of a painful “sproing” at the bottom of a squat, or just waking up after a deadlift session and knowing something ain’t right.