What did your first steps on your healthy journey look like?

As soon as I made the decision to start getting healthy, my parents gave me a gym membership and hired me a personal trainer. I couldn’t do it all on my own, and they knew that. That was one of the biggest ways they supported me.

They also made an effort to cut back on keeping unhealthy snacks in the house and bought more fruits and vegetables for me to eat. They cleaned out the basement so I could set up a home gym. They really did everything they could to help me get healthy.

Has your transformation led to healthier habits for the rest of your family?


The rest of the family has tried to adopt some of my eating habits, and my mom has lost 30-40 pounds. They go for walks and eat healthier snacks now. It’s been a positive change for the whole family.

How did you start to incorporate fitness into your lifestyle?

The only piece of exercise equipment we had was a treadmill, so that’s where I started. Within the first couple months, I started to see weight come off, just from walking and running on the treadmill daily. I also noticed I had more energy. I was happier and more outgoing. When I walked by the mirror, I would look at myself, whereas before I avoided my reflection.