What was your turning point or aha moment?

I was starting high school, and I still had no friends. I wanted to start fitting in, which meant that I had to change my lifestyle.

What was the first thing you changed?

adam weightloss

The first thing I changed was my eating habits. I cut out all snacking and stopped drinking anything other than water. If I had to have a snack, I went for something healthy, like a protein bar instead of chips.

Was your family supportive of your decision to get healthy?

My family was behind me 100 percent. They thought my decision to make this change was the greatest thing ever. The most important part was that I came to it on my own terms. My mom has been overweight her entire life and was always told to lose weight, so she was adamant about never telling me that I had to lose weight.

Everyone wanted it to be my decision, and as soon as I made that decision, they stood right behind me. I think they thought that if they pushed me to do it, I might rebel and fight back. I’m glad they waited and let me make that choice for myself.