Runny nose, sore throat, cough, congestion, perhaps a little bit of a fever……the common cold is certainly nothing new, it has been plaguing humanity for who knows how long.  This illness, characterized as nasopharyngitis, rhinopharyngitis, and acute coryza has only been referred to as a “cold” since the 1600’s, so it could literally be something that’s nearly always been with our species since the very beginning of the rise of homo sapiens. You can find more information about the common cold and other health related articles at Health Spikes – a site dedicated to health. Now let’s see the best way to treat a cold…


Anyway, sparing you the interesting history lesson, the real question is – how do we treat the common cold?  Here’s the interesting bit; even though our abilities and technology within the medical field is always increasing by leaps and bounds, we still don’t have a definitive cure for the common cold.  That’s right, in the age where doctors can perform gene therapy (and are experimenting with everything from brain to computer interface machines and even nanotechnology) we haven’t nailed down how to treat an elusive everyday illness which affects around 5% to 20% of the population every single year.  Nevertheless, there are some treatment options you can try out while your body is doing its best to recover…


Chicken soup (with or without noodles)

Arguably, this one is probably most the Western world’s first go-to solution for the common cold – chicken noodle soup.  It’s become something of a stereotype even, the person with a cold holed up in bed with a steaming bowl of chicken soup.  Technically speaking, scientists think that it is the soup’s broth which acts as an inflammatory agent (inflammation being a leading cause of disease formation).