Have you ever experienced running and then experiencing pain on your stomach area because of what you just did? It can be very confusing for some people who would like to enjoy the activity but because of the pain, they cannot help but stop running. It is already a known fact that fitter people usually do not experience the stomach cramps anymore so this means that when people continuously do the exercises that they do and eat all the proper food to eat, people can have better chances of not experiencing stomach cramps anymore.


Different Types of Stomach Cramps

Stomach CrampsPeople can always think of ways on how to prevent stomach cramps from being felt but before knowing how to prevent or to stop cramps from being felt, people should be aware about the different types of stomach cramps. The types of cramps are the following:

  • Mid Stomach Cramps – The main cause for this type of stomach pain is the things that people ate or drink before running. It is not advisable to run after eating and drinking. Some people take too much food before undergoing any strenuous physical activity.
  • Side Stitch – This is the type of pain usually felt by people who are not able to breathe the correct way while running. There are times when people only breathe shallowly and this can cause some problems with the organs running out of oxygen inside the body. There are times when people also experience this when there is an imbalance with their blood’s electrolytes.
  • Cramps – There are times when people just have to stop running because they are feeling like their muscles are being torn in two. This is probably because of muscle cramps. Usually, muscle cramps is felt when people are not drinking enough liquid to sustain the type of activity that they are doing.

These types of stomach cramps will help you determine the things that you should do in order to prevent pain when you are running. Some of the things that you can do are the following:


  • Stay Hydrated – This is being said often but there are still some people who tend to forget why it is important. People are recommended about 8 – 10 glasses a day some are even recommended to drink more when they are doing serious physical activities.
  • Eat the Right Type of Food – There are some food products that can cause pain when running. Know those food products and avoid them. There are also some beverages that you should avoid before running like sodas and any drink that contains caffeine.
  • Do Stretching Exercises – One of the main reasons why people are having a hard time keeping up with what they are asking their body to do is because they have not done any pre workout session beforehand. Do not let your body go into shock by doing some stretching before running. This will not only be good for your stomach but for the other parts of your body as well such as your legs.