human ancestors diet

The organic diet of our human ancestors also known as Paleolithic diet or caveman diet is a nutritional diet plan that is based on the ancient origins. One of the most significant properties of ancient people was the vital fact that they were able to live fit and healthy life compared to the populaces of today.

What our ancestors ate?

The vital idea of paleo diet is to consume foods which are edible in their natural state. This practice is patterned mainly by the lifestyle and food habits of our ancestors who lived through acts of gathering of edible plants, hunting and fishing. Many people nowadays are looking for a healthy diet to have a fit and healthy life, this caveman diet is undeniably the best diet to follow. The foods that our ancestors ate and which have to be included in your caveman diet are;

Raw vegetables – The main food that our ancestors ate was the raw vegetables. These are primary foods that have to be included in the paleo diet. The main idea is you need to eat the vegetables raw or as close to raw as much as possible. Cooking is good, but it is not suggested as during the cooking process the nutritional value and vitamins of the food can be cooked away, leaving the food that has very little or no any nutritional value.

Meat –You might include any kind of meat a long as it is lean. Our ancestors preferred to eat seafood as the prime meat source as they were easy to acquire. Apart from typical meats, the caveman diet encourages the consumption of mainly organ meats such as liver and kidneys as they are high in protein and have low fat content. Meat is the significant food in the diet plan as it is the vital source of protein. Eat good protein to build up muscles and to have enhanced energy levels.

Fruits –Fruits must be considered in the caveman diet as they have all the good protein, vitamin and nutritional stuff. Aside from vitamins and minerals, fruits also contain fiber that makes us feel full and the antioxidants present in the fruits aids in cleansing and detoxifying body.


Nuts –Some nut are also vital part of the caveman diet as they can be an excellent source of protein, fiber and less in fat. The types of nut that can be included in paleo diet are almonds, walnuts, and lot more. Nuts such as cashews and peanuts containing high fat content has to be avoided.
These foods if included in your daily diet can aid you have a healthy life! If you are interested in Paleo diet and Plaeo recipes click here for more info on the book called: 1000 Paleo Recipes. The book is one of best selling paleo recipes book out there.