Nothing beats introducing new exercises for triggering pec growth. Here are 5 unexpected gems from Kris Gethin to spice up your chest routine and bring on the good pain!

I didn’t stop becoming a student of bodybuilding when I progressed beyond the beginner stage; I’ve spent the last 18 years of my life being a pupil of building muscle. If there’s an edge to be gained, I’m still chasing it in the gym, the kitchen, and life in general.

But let’s focus on the gym—specifically, on your chest training. One thing I learned long ago is that “how much ya bench?” and “how big is your chest?” are two very different questions. This isn’t to say that the bench isn’t good for chest development; it is. But it’s not where the story ends.

Personally, I like to hit my chest with the classics while also saving room in my program for plenty of variety. Here are five exercises I’ve come to rely on when crushing chest. Take one. and plug it in!