Tip 7: Hit Traps Twice a Week

Any stubborn body part can benefit from some extra attention. If your traps aren’t living up to your hopes and dreams, start hitting them twice a week. Work them once at the start of one workout (say, for back), then again at the tail end of another session (maybe on chest or shoulder day).

Hit your traps like this and they’ll have no choice but to adapt. If they’re always sore, or if they stop responding to this format, dial it back to once a week. But, by the time that happens, you should already have witnessed some major trap improvements.

Tip 8: Stretch Those Traps Hard!

Finally, there is a great deal of anecdotal evidence that doing stretches to loosen muscle fascia can free up muscles and allow them to expand and grow. A good end-of-training stretch for the fascia surrounding the trapezius is to strap on a heavy barbell, or pair of dumbbells, and let your arms hang down in the fully stretched position for 30-60 seconds. It’s one of those pains that feels so good!