Tip 6: Strap It On and Go Heavier

Some people insist that wrist straps are for sissies, and that you’ll develop a much stronger grip without them.

“I’ve never been in a conversation that started with, ‘Wow, your hands are so strong!’ If you want to make your muscle bigger and stronger, then wrap and pull,” says Capurso.

Your grip will always be a weak link when it comes to training the large, powerful muscles of the back, including the traps. If your grip gives out before your traps have truly fatigued, you’ll never develop them to their fullest capacity. Most men who are strong can do good reps on barbell shrugs with 405 pounds or more. Not many would be able to hold that much weight for a 12-rep set without straps.

There’s no reason to think that using wrist straps is somehow “cheating” or “not hardcore.” Your only concern, assuming you are training to develop the best physique you can, is to work the muscles as hard and as effectively as possible. So strap up for big weight!