Trapezius muscles can be really stubborn when it comes to growth, so you need to make some smart changes to how you train them. Here are eight great ways to make growth happen!

When you see someone with a big set of boulder shoulders, you can’t help but think of raw, rugged power—and traps are a big part of that. You’d be hard pressed to find a pro bodybuilder, pro wrestler, strongman competitor, or NFL lineman who doesn’t own thick, bulging traps that surround their neck like a couple of footballs.


But, let’s face it, training traps doesn’t exactly provide instant gratification. If you’re like most lifters, you’ve done plenty of sets of shrugs without getting those beefy traps you’re after.

At this point in your training, you might have given up on your traps and figured they’re about as good as they’re going to get. But what if I told you there are ways to make your trapezius training infinitely more exciting and productive? What if I told you your traps can be bigger and better than they are now—no matter how long you’ve been training them?