Keeps You Flexible


Want to master the more challenging sexual positions like the double crab or crouching lotus? If so, you better be flexible. Performing an exotic new position takes confidence, courage and agility. Nail it, and you’re sure to score major points with your partner. Miss the dismount, and your pride won’t be the only thing injured when all is said and done.

The key to landing a perfect score in the sack is to make sure your body is well equipped to handle the rigors of these unfamiliar movements. Stretching, Pilates and yoga exercises are all great ways to keep your muscles pliable and improve your range of motion for those times when you’re feeling adventurous during sexy-time.

Crank Up Your Confidence

Having a rockin’ bod is a sure way to feel good about yourself when the clothes start coming off for a night of steamy sex. Research from the University of Arkansas found that college students who were physically fit saw themselves as more desirable and more proficient at pleasing their partner. So hit the gym often for a physique that will give you the confidence to perform your best when it counts the most.