Maximize The Missionary

Sure, you might have a repertoire of go-to moves that require the ability to contort your body like a yoga master, but sooner or later you’re going to find yourself maneuvering into the missionary. And when you settle into that fun-time favorite, you’re going to need some upper body strength to stay steady. Arm, chest and shoulder exercises such as pushups, dips, bench presses and shoulder presses are all ideal for keeping your base strong and completing your “mission”.

Raises Your T Levels

A healthy level of testosterone makes for a healthy sex drive, so you want to make sure you’re body is producing an ample amount of this essential hormone to keep your desire and performance at optimal levels. Research shows that working out with weights is an effective way to significantly increase testosterone levels. According to a recent Baylor University study, men’s testosterone levels were highest during the 48 hours after the workout session. Ideally, when strength training to boost testosterone, it’s best to increase the weight and decrease the rep count, and then focus on compound moves like squats, bent-over rows, and bench presses.