Ensures You’re Up For The Occasion

You can pop one of those little blue pills when the moment is right…or you can get a boost the natural way. When it comes to keeping the blood flowing freely to the parts that need it most during sex, exercise is hard to beat. Whether it’s a heart-pumping HIIT workout or fat-torching Tabata routine, vigorous physical activity will help keep the blood coursing through your veins when things start to heat up. And the better the flow, the better you’ll grow.

Helps You Go The Distancesex-position-training-missionary

Good sex requires a good amount of physical effort. Running out of steam on your journey to the Promised Land is a sure way to kill the mood, and any future opportunities for a repeat performance. Prolonging the experience prolongs the physical pleasure for all involved; the better shape you’re in, the longer you’ll be able to perform like a champ between the sheets.