3 A Water Bottle…And Some Water

The “and some water” part may seem obvious, but let’s face it; we’ve all got empty water bottles lying around collecting dust. You need a full one with you at all times—and then you need to empty it. Into your mouth.

With all of the hoopla and energy given to the macronutrients, it’s often forgotten that water is an essential nutrient, and particularly when you’re training hard. The oft-cited “70 percent of you is water” stat applies to muscles as well as every other part of you. This is important because a hydrated muscle is a strong muscle—and a dehydrated one is weak.

Water Bottle

Strength, power, and speed all decrease significantly when exercising in a dehydrated state, and that state is far easier to reach than you think. Not drinking enough throughout the day, coupled with the fact that sweat rates vary widely for different people and workout styles, is a prescription for sacrificing exercise performance.

Arm yourself with the tools to maintain proper hydration throughout the day. That’s as simple as carrying around a water bottle. You don’t have to go the bro jug route, but bigger is better as it’ll reduce the number of trips to the fountain.

Be sure to keep this bottle with you throughout the day, and yes, even at your desk, in meetings, and while you’re driving. The more acquainted you get with the bottle, the more likely you are to put it to use.