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5 Amazing Fit Foods You’ve Never Heard Of


Rather than consistently limiting your exposure to different flavors and nutrients, try adding these 5 nutritious foods into your daily arsenal!

If you’re training diet has become as predictable as a Jason Statham movie, it might be time to infuse your eating plan with some new flavors. Branching away occasionally from staples like chicken and oatmeal can bring about a number of important benefits.


Being stuck in a rut often results in drastic intervention—you know how the so-called mid-life-crisis stories go. The same applies to your diet. Eating the same thing every day can become quite dull, quickly. Switching up your staples will not only reduce the likelihood of a dietary meltdown in which you befriend every local fast-food delivery person, but can also protect against body-fat gain.1

Eating a greater variety of nutritious foods may make it easier to stick to a healthier diet over time, resulting in better weight control and other health outcomes. Widening the scope of the foods you eat can help you net a greater diversity of essential nutrients needed to support optimal health and physique transformation.

Begin your journey of eating on the wild side with these 5 newfangled foods!