Don’t limit yourself to certain inflexible goals, rep ranges, or locations. The beauty of bodyweight training is that it can grow with you—and go with you!

More and more people these days are ditching machines and weights in favor of using their own body weight for resistance. When they do, they quickly discover that what seems at first like a minimalist approach actually opens them up to a world of options.

pull up outside

You can train with your body at home, in a gym, or in a park. It can help you add muscle, build strength, change your body composition, and address all types of weaknesses. From the professional athlete to the strength-training newbie, bodyweight training offers something for everyone.

In this edition of Ask Al, I’ll be digging into my virtual mailbag to field your questions on everything from improving your posture with bodyweight training to tackling outdoor calisthenics in the dead of winter. Let’s dig in!