Reverse-band bench press

Reverse-band bench presses are a full-range bench press with help at the bottom of the movement from elastic training bands. The bands are hooked around the bar and also to the top of a squat rack. This gives you a ton of help out of the bottom position, while requiring you to bear the brunt of the load as the press continues toward lockout.

Reverse-band bench press

These are great for training you to press hard and fast through the full range of motion, while also overloading the press over the top half to train your nervous system to handle heavier weights.

Programming is simple: You program these the same way as board presses. Do 5-10 reps if this movement is a first-assistance exercise, and perform 3-5 sets.

Start Gaining Again

There’s an upside to having a stalled bench press: Many people have been where you’ve been before, and they’ve come out bigger and stronger on the other side.

Another upside: The methodology isn’t complicated. It’s almost always one of three points: Improve your form, get stronger out of the bottom, or get stronger at the top. Do your detective work, find the flaw, and then do your reps.