4 Short-And-Sweet Track Workout

Trainer and fitness personality Lita Lewis doesn’t have time for half-assed cardio. She changes things up often, but always keeps the intensity level high.

“To keep myself motivated, I switch up my cardio efforts every 2-3 weeks,” she says. “This helps me avoid boredom and the dreaded plateau.” A standard element in her approach is sprinting, which can be combined effectively with any number of dynamic movements. After all, you have to get back to the starting line somehow, right?


Cardio Track Workout
Perform each of the following exercises nonstop, doing a light jog back to the start after each drill. Repeat for 3-4 rounds.

1. Run

15-20 yards at 50% effort, repeat until warm

Walking Lunge

15-20 yards

High Knee

15-20 yards


15-20 yards

Frog jump

15-20 yards

Straight-leg shuffle

15-20 yards

Backward run

15-20 yards

Jumping Jack (jumping forward)

15-20 yards


15-20 yards

Bounding High Knee

15-20 yards

Build-up sprint

15-20 yards, accelerating from 20 to 50%, then to 100% as you finish


15-20 yards at 100% effort