3 Monster Monday

Hannah Eden, co-owner and founder of PumpFit Club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, loves interval training so much that she offers her clients a different HIIT workout every single day of the week. “My go-to is called ‘Monster Monday,’ which is arguably the most challenging workout of my week,” she says.

Eden explains that while HIIT is largely known as for short bursts of cardio exercise with brief recovery periods, that’s far from the only way to use it. “My goal is to burn fat and calories while also building muscle mass, strength, and endurance,” she explains. “This is where resistance training comes in.”

Eden forms her workout by adding timed sessions of multijoint strength movements to her already grueling cardio component. “In my experience, high-intensity cardio plus short recovery times and heavy resistance training equals more effective and intense workouts,” she says. “Don’t count the reps; just set the timer and go to town!”

Monster Mondays 30-60-90
Circuit: 3 rounds

1. Double-under

30 sec., rest 10 sec.

Goblet Squat

60 sec., rest 20 sec.


90 sec., rest 30 sec.

Note: Set the timer to 90-second intervals. At the start of each interval, perform 5 reps of deadlifts without bouncing them off the ground. Then perform 3 box jumps, standing up completely after every rep, and stepping rather than jumping down. Once finished, rest until the 90 seconds are up. Repeat this 8 more times.