There are two kinds of people in this world: those who hate cardio and believe it causes a loss of “gains,” and those who understand the positive impact the right type of cardio can have on said gains. I’m firmly in the pro-cardio camp, because if properly structured and implemented, I believe cardio has a place in any lifting program.


Nobody is ever going to argue that you need to start doing hours of cardio for days to become a better lifter—lifting obviously comes first and foremost. When used alone, cardio contributes very little to building lean, muscular, or athletic-looking bodies. But when combined with proper lifting and the right frequency—as little as a few short cardio sessions each week!—it could be exactly what you’re looking for to make better gains.

In fact, properly implemented steady-state cardio can make you a better lifter, even if your goal is getting more muscular and strong.