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2 Best Beginner’s Chest Workouts For Mass


Follow a well-constructed chest workouts for mass routine, and you’ll make steady gains in size and strength, taking you to the next level of muscular development!

Your hopes of building a muscular chest like the men and women you see on Bodybuilding.com isn’t limited by your dreams. Most often, it’s derailed by a poorly constructed routine that gets followed inconsistently.


I’m going to fix that right now by giving you a pair of great mass-building chest workouts geared for beginners. I’ll also explain where to insert them into your training split, how often you should do them, and how to know when you’re ready to move up to the next level.

While I call these “beginner’s workouts,” they’re not appropriate for a beginner who has never grabbed a barbell. If you’re a newcomer with less than two months’ experience, learning movement patterns and making neurological adaptations are more important than figuring out how much you can bench.